CS1033 - Multimedia and Communications

Assignment #3 (15%)
Website Design & Dreamweaver

Due: Friday, November 16 by 3:00 pm


You have been asked by the Waste Free World organization of London, Ontario to re-do their website. This organization is dedicated to eliminating all unnecessary waste from our lives. Your job is to come up with a professsional looking website that will represent the organization. We are providing you with the content for creating each of the six required web pages.


Build a website to include ALL OF THE FOLLOWING things:

  1. A banner for your website made with Photoshop
  2. Content for the web pages: (read carefully)
  3. Number of Web pages: You need to create 6 webpages in total. Thus, you need to create a menu structure containing links to each webpage (you will have 6 menu items to navigate with betweent the webpages). The text for the 6 webpages is contained in the content document
    Listed below are guidelines for each of the 6 webpages
    1. Home --> Text for this web page is included in the content document Make sure the layout for this page is neat, use the bullet feature in Dreamweaver rather than having hyphens for list items. Make sure you turn the two emails on this page into working links to email.

    2. Media and Award Information-->Text for this web page is included in the content document.
      1. Make sure the 2 press release titles given link to the full descriptions below on this page (for example, the July 18th, 2008 - Green the Festivals should have a link on it that jumps down to the long text about 25 lines later).
      2. The 2 Green Foot Awards should also have the images of them somewhere near the description. The 2 images can be found at:
        1. http://windmillwebworks.sytes.net/wastefreeworld/lpbpimages/plaque.jpg
        2. http://windmillwebworks.sytes.net/wastefreeworld/lpbpimages/plaque2.jpg
      3. The EcoVox video text should go to this link--> http://www.rogerstv.com/page.aspx?lid=237&rid=9&sid=4271
      4. The EcoVox magazine should go this link --> http://www.ecovoxlondon.com/
      5. Layout the contact info at the bottom of each press release in a nice clean manner.

    3. Waste Elimination -->Text for this web page is included in the content document . Make the Waste Free Living and the 3 lines under that (organizations, retailers, individuals) each link down to the appropriate text within this page. Make the Waste Free Festivals and Events and the 7 lines under that each link down to the appropriate text within this page. .

    4. Facts --> Text for this web page is included in the content document . Set this page up in a nice, well organized manner.

    5. Useful Links --> For this page, find 3 interesting sites on the internet about waste reduction and put them on this page along with an image for each site (could be the site's logo or some other picture you think would work for this site) and a brief description of each stie (no more than 2 or 3 sentences). Lay this page out in a nice neat manner.

    6. References: -->This webpage is to tell us where you got your images from. For each image used in your website, on this "References" webpage indicate the website address of where you obtained the image.Make sure this page is neatly laid out. You no longer have to place your image references in the Assignment Text box in Owl since they are listed on this webpage HOWEVER you still have to use OWL to list the link to your website.

  1. A Table structure (not cascading styles): Fixed 900 pixels wide to control your overall website layout. You can use as many rows as you need to set up your layout, and as many tables, nested tables required to achieve the look.

  2. A Navigational structure: Create your menu links as button images, or as text. NOTE: If you decide to create button images, you MUST use Photoshop to create your buttons, you may not use button generating software. Navigational buttons/links that are very professional looking will get more marks than plain text links.

  3. Appropriate Images: Appropriate images MUST be embedded in each of your web pages to make the pages interesting. You can use the images from WasteFreeWords current website. or any images you find on the internet. All images used must be cited in your "References" web page. You can also use images from online stock photo companies such as http://www.bigstockphoto.com/, http://www.istockphoto.com/ but you still have to site these images also.

  4. Color creativity: We will be looking to see whether colors co-ordinate and flow nicely with the overall look

  5. Clean Neat Layout: We are looking for a nicely laid out page as opposed to a cluttered, crowded page.

  6. Links We will be looking for several different types of links. You need an instance of each of the following link type in your website:
  7. Structured List (ordered OR unordered): You must have some sort of bulleted list or numbered list in one of your pages using Dreamweaver (there should be no hyphens used as bullets for lists).

  8. An image map with hotspots: It is up to you to think of a way of using an image map in this website. Marks will be given for how the image and it's hotspots related to the content it links up to. Go back to your notes if you don't remember what this is.

  9. Well balanced text formatting. We will be looking for:
  10. A well organized File/Folder structure to hold all your html files and images. Marks will be given based on how well your files and folders are organized as was demonstrated during lectures and in step 6 above.

  11. An uppermost folder called assign3. You must keep your index.html home page in the upper most folder (the upper most folder must be called assign3). The sub folders inside assign3 can be called whatever you wish. Note though, you will be given marks for appropriate file names and folder names. Also note: the home page called index.html MUST be located in the assign3 folder and NOT in a sub folder of assign3. Thus, this is correct: assign3/index.html and this is incorrect: assign3/pages/index.html. The incorrect way will NOT display your pages so make sure you put index.html inside folder assign3 NOT in a sub folder of assign3.

Handing In Your Assignment 3:

Note: you are now posting to a NEW SERVER not panther so follow instructions below and make sure you put the link to your website in Owl.


Due to limitations on space on Panther, for the remaining assignments (this one and Major assignment), your web pages will be hosted on the Computer Science webserver. As long as you have your website sitting in a folder called assign3 on your P: drive, then anyone will be able to see your assignment simply by using the URL address: http://publish.gaul.csd.uwo.ca/yourwesternuserid/assign3/

You will still be using winscp or file zilla to upload your files but a few things will be different:

  1. When you run winscp or file zilla use the following information:
    1. Host Name: publish.gaul.csd.uwo.ca
    2. Username: Your western username, for example jsmit27
    3. Password: The GAUL password you were sent by the computer science department at the beginning of term
    4. Port: 22 (only if you are on campus or in residence), 27 (if you are using winscp/filezilla from off campus)
  2. You no longer have to cd to public_html, you will be put right in the directory where you will move your assign3 folder
  3. Drag your assign3 folder from your machine (on the left) up to publish.gaul.csd.uwo.ca (on the right)
  4. You no longer need to set permissions, they should be set automatically
  5. YOU MUST CHECK THAT YOUR SITE WORKS, please follow these instructions to make sure this step worked:


WARNING: If you want to check if your site is working (all the links are correct and none of the images are broken), you MUST check it from an account/machine that was NOT used to make assignment. Thus, if you made your assignment on a home machine/laptop machine, then find another machine on campus to test the ALL the links OR have a friend test the links for you on their machine. If you created your site on the machines in the lab rooms (MC230 and MC235), then you should test your links from a home machine, or you can even test it from a machine in MC230/235 AS LONG AS YOU ARE TESTING IT ON A MACHINE THAT IS NOT LOGGED ON WITH YOUR USERID. Thus, in the labs, you could ask the person sitting next to you to check if the links work BUT NEVER TEST IT ON THE MACHINE YOU BUILT IT ON, it may appear that everything is correct but when the t.a.s go to look at your site, the links may be broken or the images may not appear!

To double check, open a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox and type the following web address: http://publish.gaul.csd.uwo.ca/youruserid/assign3. For example: if your username was lreid, you would type: http://publish.gaul.csd.uwo.ca/lreid/assign3/ This should bring up your home page called index.html. If it doesn't, you have done something wrong, try again or visit a TA during the posted consulting times. If your links or images are not working, this means you are not referencing them correctly in your web page and should check the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. You should look at where you stored the page/image and how you linked it to figure out what went wrong.
  2. Sometimes deleting it and reinserting it will fix it.
  3. Make sure that all your images and web pages are within the site, i.e. within the folder assign3. If you have to move files around or rename them, do it from the Dreamweaver File panel because only this way will Dreamweaver adjust its pointers on links etc.
  4. Make sure that your images are named the same (the same case) in your file directory pane as the link in your .html file. For example: Cat.jpg is not the same as cat.jpg thus the case is very important in a filename. If you need to rename your image/filesname, then do it from inside the File Pane in Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver will try to fix the links for you.


  1. You ALSO MUST submit a link to your website via http://owl.uwo.ca/. See below for the details of how to do this.

    owl submission

The labs will be VERY busy because every student must hand in their assignment via a lab machine. Thus, try to have your assignment done and handed in at least 1 or 2 days before it is due, otherwise you might not be able to find a free machine in the lab to build your assignment! No extensions will be given because someone could not find a free machine in MC230 or MC235 to use Dreamweaver to build his/her site.

Late Policy

Dreamweaver Website Tips:

A lot of the following concepts have been presented during the lectures and used in your lab tutorials, remember to think about them when designing your website
















  • Represented as "index.html"


  • Color balance (important)
  • Pleasing colors to match company profile
  • Pick an appropriate page background color

Banner (top)

  • Approximate size 150 x 900
  • Can be taller as long as all your side links or top links fit within the window (no scrolling)

Web page Balance

  • Web page boundaries
  • Sections: easily identified, easy to read
  • Effective use of padding in cells


  • Clear, no noise
  • Must have alt tag and title tag for listed above

Image Links

  • Balance: size
  • Buttons: suitable size
  • Color: what color are links

Text Color
Text Size

  • Easy to read
  • Appropriate size, font type relative to overall web page


  • Easy to navigate through your website and placement
Navigational Links
  • Easy to read
  • Size appropriate with rest of web page
  • Should not have to horizonally scroll to read link
  • Target field:  new window or not?


  • Fits with rest of color scheme
  • Fits with the content

Property Titles

  • Set a property title for each webpage in your website. Follow instructions given out in lecture.


Bottom of web page

  • Sometimes, many websites place the contact information at the very end of each webpage.


  • images folder
  • Use folders to further organize your web pages


  • use Spell Checker


  • Server needs: file names and case sensitivity
  • Always use lower case


  • Most of the times use left alignment for paragraphs. Reserve centering for small things you want to emphasize




  • Avoid putting text in web pages that runs into table grid lines or image edges. You can add padding to the cell or to the image to spread the text away from the table cell or image edges.