CS1033 - Assignment #3 (15%)

Designing a Website Using Dreamweaver


You have been approached by the small London business "Sew Fun" to create a website for their sewing business.  Your job is to come up with a brand new website that will promote their business and spotlight the creative pieces that are created at Sew Fun. As of now, Sew Fun does not have a website and as such, they are open to almost any type of design/colour scheme as long as it promotes their services in a professional way. We are providing you with the content for creating each of the six required web pages.


Build a website to include ALL OF THE FOLLOWING things:

  1. A banner for your website made with Photoshop
  2. Content for the web pages: (read carefully)
  3. Number of Web pages: For your website you must create 6 webpages in total: Home, About Me, Samples of My Work, Services, All My Favs, and References. You need to create a menu structure at the top or along the side of each webpage containing 6 links (buttons or text links), each linking to a different webpage. The text for the 6 webpages is contained in the [content document]
    Listed below are guidelines for each of the 6 webpages
    1. Home --> Text for this web page is included in the content document.
      • Make each of the two testimonials more noticeable and attractive.
      • Make sure you have a neat, well organized design for the home page.
      • Have the words "breathe new life" be a link to the "Bags" section of the Samples of My Work webpage.  
    2. About Me-->Text for this web page is included in the content document. 
      • Modify the text containing the Contact Information so that it links to the Facebook and Email links supplied and looks neat.
    3. Samples of My Work -->Text for this web page is included in the content document .
      • Make the list of items at the top of this page jump down to the appropriate section below. Include a way back to the top for each section. Below each section  include at least 4 images and lay the images out neatly.   There are lots of photos on the Facebook page if you need more selection or use the ones we have copied from Facebook to here:
    4. Services--> Text for this web page is included in the content document .
      • Set this page up in a nice, well organized manner.
      • Next to the Re-purposed Pieces section include the image of the Sew Fun booth
      • Next to the Customized Prom Dresses, include one of the images here
    5. All My Faves -->  There is no text for this page, rather you must find 3 websites from local businesses that sell fabrics or used clothing.  Write a one or two sentences about the business, find an image on the internet for the business (any image that relates is fine). Then neatly lay out the blurb, the link and the image.  At the end of this page include a map with 4 pins.  One pin for each of the 3 businesses you have selected and one pin for the "Sew Fun" Western Fair booth.  Make the "Sew Fun" pin stand out from the other 3 pins (so that you know it is for the "Sew Fun" business). 
    6. References: --> This webpage must contain the URLs for each image you obtained from the Internet and used within your website.  Make sure this page is neatly laid out. You no longer have to place your image references in the Assignment Text box in Owl since they are now listed on this webpage HOWEVER you still must include a link to your website in the OWL assignment box, so the T.A. can find your website. NOTE: you need to put references for any images we supplied you with and any images you use that we did not supply you with.