David G. Wiseman

Michelangelo Intel

HILLSBORO, OREGON, U.S.A., 1992 MAR 3 (NB) -- Intel said users of its
local area network (LAN) print-server utility software, LANSpool 3.01,
might be in danger of the "Michelangelo" virus, as the company has
announced the discovery of the virus on its master 5.25-inch diskettes.
The virus is set to wipe out data on the hard disk of an infected
computer on March 6, the anniversary of the artist.

Intel has indicated 829 copies were made from the infected 5.25-inch
masters and shipped to users. The infected units were of the LANSpool
3.01 version for Novell Netware 2.1x and 2.2x networks and the version
for Netware 3.1x networks.

Copies of the software on 3.5-inch diskettes are not infected, the
company adds, as well as versions of LANSpool Si 3.0 software for
Hewlett-Packard Laserjet IIISi printers, and a LANSpool 3.0 version for
Microsoft LAN Manager and IBM LAN server networks.

Intel has stopped shipping LANSpool 3.01 and has released LANSpool
version 3.02, a new version that the company claims is verified to be
fully virus-free.

James Flach, co-general manager of Intel's PC Enhancement Division
said: "Although we were using another vendor's anti- virus scanning
software, it failed to detect the Michelangelo strain." The company's
representatives are reluctant to name the anti-virus software they were
using, saying it could have been a company error as well.

Intel representative Bret Walker did say after investigation that the
company decided to get into the virus elimination game.  Intel first
switched to PCillian, anti-virus software from Trend Microdevices and
has licensed Trend Microdevices' technology for its own virus
protection product, released yesterday and called LANprotect.

The only affected markets are the North American and European markets,
Intel maintains, with only 10 percent of the units shipped to Europe.

Intel is offering LANprotect, retail priced at $995, and the upgraded
3.02 LANSpool software, free to infected network users. The company is
encouraging customers who purchased the LANSpool 3.01 software to call
800-228-4561 (United States and Canada) or 44-793-431-144 (Europe).

Customers who call will find service representatives who will help
determine if there is an infection, send via express or electronic
delivery LANprotect software disinfectant that detects and eradicates
the Michelangelo virus, and replace the LANSpool 3.01 software with the
LANSpool 3.02 version, Intel said.

"We're taking full responsibility for this and doing everything humanly
possible to prevent it from happening again," said Walker.

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