MohammadAli Asadi

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I am a PhD student in Computer Science Department at Western University and a research assistant in ORCCA where my research is focused on high-performance scientific computing under supervision of professor Marc Moreno Maza.

MohammadAli Asadi


    I am in charge of design, implementation and optimization of low-level algorithms over Algebraic Extensions. This includes developing rigorously tested C/C++/ Cilk programs integrated into the BPAS library which provides fast and optimized symbolic operations for both univariate and multivariate polynomial systems on modern computer architectures.


    • Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms
    • Parallel Programming to Scientific Computing
    • Software Development for Symbolic Computation
    • Computational Algebra (Algebraic Extensions/Finite Fields)


    My master thesis is a study of Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) over the integers, centered on Lattice-based cryptography (2014-2016). Prior to attending graduate school, I studied applications of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) in the Internet Protocols as my B.Sc. thesis (2010-2014).


Department of Computer Science
Middlesex College, Room 327
Western University, Canada N6A 5B7