Me winning a TA award in the summer of 2008.

Yello! My name is Mike, and I'm a Ph.D. student here in computer science. I'm co-supervised by Mark Daley (who was my supervisor for my M.Sc.) and Jamie Andrews. I came originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and then did the bulk of my undergraduate work at the University of Calgary under the supervision of Professor Robin Cockett.

My Master's thesis was done in biomodelling, specifically applying theoretical computer science (in my case, formal language theory) to genetic processes. Though I am likely not completely done with bioinformatics, the work I do during my Ph.D. will likely also be apropos of my last great love: functional programming languages, specifically static analysis as it applies to real-time situations. Still, biology is quite hardcore....


Office: WSC 127
Phone: +1 519 661-2111 x.85126
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Department of Computer Science

Middlesex College

The University of Western Ontario

London, ON

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I am highly shamed to admit it, but I have a vCard you can download. The vCard should have all relevant contact information.