Errata with M.Sc. thesis

God dammit, I've already found errors in the thesis. The world is not fair.

p.16, minor problem with typography, but in both of the sets used to exemplify the curly L ("language of") notation, there should be spacing on either side of the vertical bar.

p.17, in the definition of Ω notation, the first occurrence of n should be n0.

p.38, notation 2.19 defines the transitive closure when it should define the reflexive-transitive closure. That is, A*B includes A. As I can't get MathML to work, it's hard to explain exactly the correction, but either notation 2.18 should be redefined to allow an index of 0 and notation 2.19 redefined to start k at 0, or else notation 2.19 should be defined as being the current union unioned with the first operand. Using LaTeX's notation (forgiveness, please), notation 2.19 should read: Equivalently, $A\Rightarrow^*B=A\cup(\bigcup\limits_{k=1}^{\inf}A\Rightarrow^kB)$. Hopefully that is clear to someone.

p.40, at the top of the proof for lemma 2.22, "Sigma" should read "Σ". Boo, another typographical error :(

p.58, theorem 2.49 neglects the constraint that x must not be complementary to U. I.e., x must be one of (dotted or undotted) C or U. Ya, I know, an error in one of the major theorems of the thesis, not good. Thanks to Franzi for finding this.

p.64, several (perhaps infinite) right-to-left "passes" may not be performed should read several (perhaps infinite) right-to-left "passes" may need to be performed.