Hits of recent days.


To the right you can see a bar chart representing hits to my webpage (my main page). The curvy line is actually a best-fit cubic polynomial which takes into account the past month or so and tries to predict the future (very poorly). For it to be more accurate I should take more of the past into account (such as two months), but then it turns into a straight line, which is not fun to look at at all :(

The glass stub on the very rightmost bar is trying to predict the future for the day. I usually generate a new bar chart in the morning, so obviously all the hits for that day aren't accounted for yet. I could just ignore the last day, but trying to predict the future with glass is way more complicated and thus fun.

There are some strange blips that show up now and then. Here are the recent ones:

Browser usage

Breakdown of browsers used.

To the left you can see a summary of the browsers used to access this website. Sadly most of them seem to be spiders and bots and whatnot. I say "sadly" because it seems to be a terrible use of resources, having hundreds of bots pulling the same information. Maybe it just seems like so much because my site itself recieves so few hits.

"Safari" includes anything that uses AppleWebKit. "Mozilla" is basically anything Mozilla before version 4.0. "Miscellaneous browser" includes small market browsers like Opera, Konqueror and Lynx, as well as command-line tools like curl and wget.