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April 14I'm going to submit marks tomorrow. Also I'm going to waive the requirement listed on the outline that says you need 60% on your assignments to get 60% in the course.
April 11All final exams have been marked. I'll submit the final grades for the course as soon as assignment 4 is finished marking. Thanks for all the effort you guys put into the course!
April 9FYI I have a friend's birthday celebrations tonight (I tried to get her to be born on a different day, no go). If you send me an email tonight you will likely not get a response until very late. Sorry about that.
April 9Final exam study help: assuming 4kB page size and assuming we have 2 frames of RAM to hold x and y which are initially empty (and x and y start on page boundaries), how many page faults would we have in exam-prep-5.c if we were using (a) Belady's algorithm; and (b) Least Recently Used? Here's the answer.
April 8Final exam study help: how many page faults are created by exam-prep-4.c? Assume that the call to malloc makes a system call to brk() for the full 65536 bytes and that the memory we get back starts on a page boundary. Assume pages are 4kB in size. Also assume there are no page faults caused by swapping pages in/out from/to disk.Here's the answer.
April 8Final exam study help: can you solve exam-prep-3.html questions using deadlock graphs? Here are the answers.
April 8Final exam study help: which of the functions in exam-prep-2.c are reentrant? Here are the answers. We're not really concerned with the distinction between "reentrant" and "thread-safe" on the exam.
April 7Final exam study help: can you use a resource trajectory to determine if exam-prep-1.c could potentially get deadlocked? Here's the answer.
April 6Final exam study help: what is the output of exam-prep-0.c? I had to take this one off the exam because it's too long, but there's a good chance a simpler variant will show up on the exam.
April 5There's a form-fillable PDF of the assignment submission form up which would be a good idea to use for your assignment 4. So long as you're good about writing comments at the top of your code (name, student number, etc.) you won't lose any marks for not using this form.
March 25Assignment 4 is up.
March 23Here is my solution to assignment #3. You may use it as a starting point for assignment #4 if you wish (though it's not required). If you do decide to use it, please make it clear which code is yours and which is mine.
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April 7Assignment 4 is due
April 10Final exam

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