One machine word can contain a SINGLE PRECISION INTEGER in the range $ [0, 2^{N} - 1]$ . To represent integers outside of this range, so called MULTIPRECISION INTEGER, we use arrays of $ N$ -bit words. To be precise we consider the $ 2^N$ -ary (or radix $ 2^N$ ) expansion of a nonzero integer:

$\displaystyle a \ \ = \ \ (-1)^s \ {\Sigma}_{0 \leq \i \leq n} a_i 2^{N i}$ (33)

where Then the integer $ a$ with $ (n+1)$ $ 2^N$ -digits can be represented by an array (of $ N$ -bit words) with length $ n +3$ since we need The reasonable UNIT OPERATION for integers is the the WORD OPERATION. One can easily check that

Marc Moreno Maza