Stephen M. Watt

Professor Watt
Stephen M. Watt, PhD, DSc h.c., ICD.D
Distinguished University Professor
Computer Science Department , MC 375
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario CANADA N6A 5B7

Phone:   +1 519 661-4244
Fax:   +1 519 661-3515
E-mail:   Stephen dot Watt at

What's on my mind.
New results in bio-computing!
Instructions to get a small carbon footprint.
Where I've been.
Math genealogy. Erdős number.

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Introduction: Introduction for new grad students.

General talks:   Computer Algebra's Dirty Little Secret.
  The Mathematics of Mathematical Handwriting Recognition.
Dependent Types and Categorical Programming
Computing, Symbols and Math [Video]
Leading Flying Objects
The Limits of Computation
Tools for Online Technical Collaboration.

ORCCA The Ontario Research Center for Computer Algebra
MathML @ ORCCA -- Tools for MathML and conversions to/from TeX and OpenMath
MONET @ ORCCA -- Mathematical Web Services
PenMath @ ORCCA -- Pen-Based Interfaces for Mathematics

CICM 2014   Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, Coimbra, Portugal, 7-11 July 2014
UCNC 2014   International Conference on Unconventional Computation & Natural Computation, London, Canada, 14-18 July 2014
SNC 2014   International Conference on Symbolic-Numeric Computation, Shanghai, China, 28-31 July 2014
TRICS   Topical Research in Computer Science Seminars

Aldor A categorical programming language.
Maple The system for symbolic mathematical computation.
MathML The W3C standard for math on the internet.
InkML The W3C standard for digital ink.