CS 9622 - Fall 2017 : @@@ README @@@

Hi.  This wiki is part of an installation of software from Atlassian https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlassian running at the University of Western Ontario http://www.uwo.ca/ .  It has been configured to be publically viewable.  However, to comment, edit, and add to the wiki, you need to log in (which basically means you need to have an account at UWO and be associated with the course this wiki was created to support: Computer Science 9622a: Nonfunctional Software Requirements: Safety, Accessibility, and Sustainability) .  To log in, select login from the menu that appears when you click on the person icon in the upper right hand corner of the Confluence page.

On the left hand margin, you should find under Page Tree the roots of different sections of the course material.  When you open a page, if that page is the root of a sub tree, then its children appear underneath its entry on the right hand margin.  You can just move from node to node in the structure in the left margin, or you can look at the root node.  The root node of each section contains a list of all the resources in that section grouped by why they are there.  A good place to start is Course Overview , which explains the structure and intent of the wiki as well as provides links to the section roots.  Alternately, along the top bar of the page, a bit to the left of the person icon in the right hand corner, is search area where you can type a string and get back pages that contain that string.  For example, if you type in android , you get a list of pages referencing the Android phone system on this wiki.

For those interested in taking the course, the course outline is a good place to check out Course Outline for Computer Science 9622a: Nonfunctional Software Requirements: Safety, Accessibility, and Sustainability .  Communications with students during the semester will be posted to Course Announcements .

Note that new material is constantly being added to this wiki and occasionally existing material is being modified.

Items tagged talk are generally youtube or vimeo recorded talks that are publically viewable.  Items tagged paper are generally published papers whose access is controlled by the publisher (some are publically viewable, but most are not and require access to digital library subscriptions such as the ones maintained by UWO's library system https://www.lib.uwo.ca/offcampus/remote.html .  In the case of items tagged book , some are publically available, some are available through campus digital subscriptions, some are in the campus libraries, and some would need to be purchased in the usual fashion for books.  Items tagged website or blog are publically accessible.