quote: The contract to develop and operate the Phoenix payment system was awarded to IBM in 2011 after a lengthy RFP process that was only slightly shorter than the first F-35 jet fighter procurement process. At that time, Public Services and Procurement was impressed by IBM’s repeated assertion that its payroll software package could handle the complexities of paying federal government employees. As you undoubtedly know, their pay, benefit plans and pension contributions are governed by a myriad of union agreements made by the federal government with PSAC.

quote: Beginning in early 2012 and continuing to today, IBM has not been shy about initiating many change orders to handle complexities that were not referenced in the original requirements documents issued by the federal government as part of the RFP process. The approved change orders have added millions in cost to the project and created delays as the project team worked hard to test all the added functionality.

quote: Unbeknownst to us, Miramichi, NB is located beyond the edge of the known world as defined by the Internet backbone. As a result we have discovered that remotely located payroll advisers, which are rapidly increasing in number as described above, cannot effectively access the Phoenix system.