HCI & Software Engineering

We all use software! PC software, video games, consumer products, household appliances, communication devices, internet applications, online business and other services, complex systems such as air-traffic control systems, automotive systems, emergency and medical systems, policing and national security, and more... software is everywhere and is indispensable. However, software systems or software intensive systems don't always work as expected and, many times, public safety is compromised - we are aware of the much chronicled Toyota motors' accelerator problem. Also, software systems are often difficult to use and are costly to develop and maintain. Research at Western is helping to improve the situation.

Software engineering (SE) is the application of knowledge, tools, methods and processes for developing, maintaining and evolving software in a systematic and quantifiable manner. SE draws upon knowledge from: computer science, management, quality, mathematics, software ergonomics, and systems engineering. Research in SE involves creating theories, knowledge and technologies to improve the practice of software engineering.

The Department of Computer Science is internationally known for research in the areas of requirements engineering, software architecture, software development processes, system quality, testing, and system evolution. The Department collaborates with software companies to improve their large, complex software systems and development processes. The companies include IBM Canada, Siemens Corporation, Transport Canada, CAE Electronics, DMR Group, RIM and others.

Faculty: Professor N. Madhavji