Yendred, the noted Punizlan philospher and writer, has, since his return from a long sojourn with the mysterious figure Drabk, been the author of numerous books, including 'A Circle of Circles,' an account of his supposed interaction with beings from a three-dimensional universe.

Picture of Yendred

In it, he offers speculations on three-dimensional life, culture, and philosophy, and details of how these strange beings accompanied him and influenced his thought during his pilgrimage to the heights of Dahl Radam to seek Drabk, the Sharak of Okbra. These days, Yendred has achieved a certain eminence on his home planet of Ard. He has joined the Punizlan Institute to expound and clarify Vanizlan philosophy, and has extended many ordinary two-dimensional geometrical constructs to higher dimensions. Many Punizlans are familiar with his curious "Yen-diagrams," which he devised to aid in the visualization and contemplation of the exotic geometry of three dimensions, using only the ordinary two.

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