Michael Bauer         


Department of Computer Science

Middlesex College, Room 28A-1

The University of Western Ontario
London, Canada

Phone: 519-661-3562

Email: bauer at csd dot uwo dot ca


Also, Scientific Director for SHARCNET







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Multimorbidity Toolkit


About My Research:   Over the past decade my research has focused on the design, implementation and management of distributed applications and systems.  Initially, my work focused on approaches to deal with the growing complexity of distributed applications and approaches for dealing with quality of service in distributed applications.  This evolved into an interest in addressing issues in the management of distributed applications and systems and autonomic computing in an Internet-connected world.  Much of my current research interests still fall into the broad realm of distributed applications, though I have developed other research interests in the past several years.  Currently, my research interests can be grouped into the following broad categories:

·     Autonomic computing, policy-based management and the management of distributed applications; management of cloud infrastructure and data centers;

·     High performance computing, particularly in multi-site resource allocation, methods for distributing parallel jobs, multi-cluster processing;

·     Advanced automobile safety systems, particularly in the use of vehicle-to-vehicle communication and advanced in-auto processing of data; predictive models of drivers;

·     Health informatics: the use of computational methods for analysis of medical/biological data, predictive models, application of computational models in health, medicine and patient care.  One result of this work was a tool to be used to count occurrences of patients with multiple co-morbid diseases; see the sidebar (Multimorbidity Tool).


 For further information about some of my previous work, see the sidebar.  If you are interested in graduate studies, please see the link “Current Research”.