CS4414 - Introduction to Data Science I is Under Re-Construction

Thank you for your interest in Introduction to Data Science. The structure of the course is currently being modified to accommodate larger class sizes. You may have seen previous documents related to a previous need to apply to be in the course by providing a project proposal. This is no longer the case, and students with the appropriate prerequisites and status can register directly.

Please note the following:

  1. If you are an undergraduate who needs to request special permission to take the course, you must contact the department of computer science, not the instructor. The decision to provide special permission rests with the department. If you are a graduate student who needs to request special permission, bring the appropriate form to class.
  2. Note that we will be offering another section in the B term.
  3. At this time we are not accommodating overlaps in scheduling. (I.e., cases where one or more of the scheduled hours of CS4414 overlaps with one or more hours of another course.) If this policy changes, this page (or its successor) will be updated.

Self Assessment

We are providing an optional self-assessment for students to get familiar with the knowledge they will need to succeed in the course. We are providing it as a jupyter notebook; to try it out you will need to install jupyter follwing the instructions here and then download the notebook. Note that this is an open-book assessment and not an exam; rather it gives some examples that you should be able to figure out using your backround knowledge together with google and stack exchange. We will discuss the self-assessment in class. Solutions are posted here.