European Union (ESF) and

National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) Project





Kostas Kontogiannis NTUA (PI)

George Chatzikonstantinou NTUA





During the past decade we witness a significant increase in the use of interconnected Information Systems that offer and implement an ever growing volume of complex processes such as banking, taxation , payroll and, accounting to name a few. However, the complexity, the level of customization and the continuous evolution of such systems, along with newly introduced legal frameworks that protect the users of such systems from damages that may be caused by operational or design negligence of these systems, dictates the need for the development of monitoring infrastructure that allows for the evaluation of  the level of conformance and compliance of such systems with specific regulations, policies, as well as functional and non-functional requirements (e.g. protection of private data), the users expect from such systems. The project aims for the design and development of an open stack framework for a) the unified modeling of events emanating from different sources in a large Information System; b) the modeling of policies from various stakeholders in the form of goal models and; c) the analysis and reasoning of whether policies may be violated given the collected system events that reflect the dynamic run-time  behavior of the system.