“Framework for the Integration of Enterprise Services

Using the REST Protocol”


Kostas Kontogiannis, NTUA

Mike Athanasopoulos, NTUA



Over the past decade we are experiencing a steady growth on software applications that are based on the Service Oriented paradigm, and in particular Service Oriented Architecture. As enterprises have started implementing and deploying successfully such Service Oriented systems, the interest and complexity of the related technology started also growing in a fast pace. The area is currently witnessing a plethora of protocols and standards that grew to a point that requires highly specialized programming skills for someone to design, implement, test and deploy such systems. This creates the need for appropriate infrastructure, models, and practices to be put in place so that analysts, developers and end-users can better and faster rip the benefits of Service Orientation without the need to know all the details of the underlying technology but rather being able to focus on what matters the most, that is the business logic and services behind these large corporate systems. The project aims to devise novel techniques that allow for the seamless utilization of REST and WS-* types of resources and components with the purpose of integrating and composing large scale enterprise systems in a mashup style.