Compiler Theory Working Group

University of Western Ontario
Computer Science Department

Date: April - June 2003

This group meets every Wednesday at Middlesex College in room 316 at 10:00 AM. We discuss theoretical and practical issues in the implementation and use of categorical programming languages, with an emphasis on the Aldor programming language, its compiler, and libraries. One of the main motivation is the development by my Master student Jinlong Cai of a machine-independent debugger for ALdor.

Each title points to an abstract or the full talk, if available.

Date Title Speaker
7 May 2003 An introduction to the Aldor language Marc Moreno Maza
14 May 2003 An introduction to the Aldor run-time system. Geoff Wozniak
21 May 2003 An introduction to FOAM, the Aldor intermediate language. Laurentiu Dragan
28 May 2003 The Aldor run-time system: evolution of a domain Geoff Wozniak
4 June 2003 The GDB debugger. Geoff Wozniak and Laurentiu Dragan

These are links to some books and software related to the research activity of this working group.