CS3350: Computer Architecture, Fall 2018

Welcome to CS3350, 2018!

  • Jan. 5: First lecture (4:30-5:30pm, Tuesday, Jan. 8).
  • Jan. 19: Assignment 1 has been posted.
  • Jan. 22: Assignment 1: corrections have been made (marked in red).
  • Jan. 24: Assignment 1: aditional corrections have been made (marked in red).
  • Jan. 25: Quiz 1 will take place in class.
  • Feb. 6: Assignment 2 has been posted.
  • March. 9: Assignment 3 has been posted.
  • March. 25: Assignment 4 has been posted.

Lecture slides, recommended readings and supplementary materials

Homework and Schedule

Note: Exercises and assignments will be posted via OWL.

Tentative Assignment, Quiz and Test Schedule

Assignment 1 Fr. Jan. 19Sun Feb. 4, midnight10%
Quiz 1Th. Jan. 25 in class5%
Assignment 2Th. Feb. 1Mo. Feb. 26, midnight10%
Quiz 2Th. Feb. 8in class5%
Assignment 3Th. Mar. 8Fri. Mar. 23, midnight10%
Quiz 3Th. Mar. 15in class5%
Assignment 4Su. Mar. 25Fri. Apr. 6, midnight10%
Quiz 4Th. Mar. 29in class5%
Final ExamTBA 40%

Teaching Crew and Hours

  • Instructor
    Prof. Marc Moreno-Maza
    email: moreno@csd.uwo.ca

    Lecture hours: 4:30-5:30pm on Tuesdays, 3:30-5:30pm on Thursdays
    Lecture room: MC 105B

    Office: Middlesex College, Room 327
    Office hours: 13:30-15:20pm on Tuesdays

  • Teaching Assistants
    NameOffice/Tutorial HoursRoom
    Alexader BrandtThursdays,13:30 to 14:30 MC4A
    Davood MohajeraniTuesdays, 17:30 to 18:30MC4A
    Mingda SunWednesdays, 13:30 to 14:30MC4A


A course forum and feedback polls will be available at OWL.

Course Outline: [pdf] and [html]