Invited speaker at 5th Annual Diabetes Research Day, Nov 2014. Title of the talk is "How can Lifestyle Change with GlucoGuide Help T2D?"

Also poster presentation...

Invited talk about GlucoGuide at the Big Data @ Western, March 2014.

NEW (Dec 2014): Read the peer-reviewed publication about the clinical trial here.

NEW (July 2014): We obtained a funding from NSERC i2i (Idea to Innovation) for GlucoGuide further R&D.

Also, Dr. Ling was recently awarded Science Distinguished Research Professor with teaching relief in 2014-2015. He is committed to the rapid R&D of GlucoGuide.

NEW: A three-month clinical trial with prediabetes and Type-2 diabetes patients was conducted, with very positive result. Roughly speaking, GlucoGuide would turn an early diabetic patient to be pre-diabetic, and pre-diabetic to non-diabetic.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that currently affects more than 366 million of people globally. Our research would have a huge impact as GlucoGuide can alleviate this dreadful disease.

General Information
GlucoGuide is an intelligent recommendation system for diabetes patients based on mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), developed by Dr. Charles Ling and his team. Users of GlucoGuide can easily input their lifestyle data (such as blood glucose, diet and exercise) via their smartphones. The data was uploaded securely to our computer servers where advanced data mining uncovered personalized recommendations for lifestyle change that would maximally reduce their high glucose levels. Those recommendations, after being verified by our healthcare team, were sent to patients' smartphones continuously to remind and encourage them to achieve an optimal glucose control.