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5N Fright Night


Q: Why is the 13th sacrificed student missing?
A: Because the 13th 'sacrifed' student is me, Miranda.

5N Fright Night was a haunted house our floor (Five North) created for Halloween. Yes, that means no one really died or was sacrificed for the evil that lurked the halls. No that doesn't mean we didn't have fun!

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Please take a moment to have a look at some (less scary)



Decorating the common room took two whole days. We cut garbage bags open and taped them onto the walls and ceiling. We also hung orange and black streamers from the ceiling and used various props as wall decor. Half of our long hallway was decorated too. Spider webs and bloody (paint) handprints were all over the walls. Some of our decorations came from home but most of our decorations were from stores right here in London.

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To the left is an image of our make-shift coffin. We ripped up a box and taped it to the side of a couch creating a crevasse for Melyssa to sit in. When visitors walked by she popped out. Various props that we used are also visible in the picture (ex: skeleton head, mannequin leg, severed leg, etc.)

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This is an image of teasing our hear. We took a comb to the root of our hair and brushed downward to create this effect. We also used a lot of hairspray.

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This was a picture taken before Julia, Melodie, and I put on all of our makeup. You can see that we have white cream on to make us look deathly pale. What came next was a dark coloured shadow to mimic the effect of bruises, then finally, blood.

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This is a picture of everyone who dressed up for Halloween (minus Melyssa) and some visitors who we scared in the process.

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