• Empty assignments will not be awarded 5% extra credit.
  • Sample Quizz 3 with Solutions and also without Solutions
  • I slightly changed the description of problem 4(j) on A2, to ensure consistency when grading. Please load the new copy of A2.
  • Sample Quizz 2 without Solutions Sample Quizz 2 with Solutions
  • Competition 1 results, private leaderboard
  • Quizz 1 Solutions For problem 4, I meant to ask you to do the single sample rule, but I told during exam to do the batch rule. The solution I give here is for single sample. But when grading, we marked etiher single sample or batch rule as correct.
  • Sample Quizz 1 without Solutions
  • Sample Quizz 1 with Solutions
  • Assignment 1 will have an extra credit part for digit data collection. Draw and save 5 images of each of the 10 digits (0,1,...,9). Use the provided matlab GUI for data collection. You should invoke funciton "brushStrokes_gui" for GUI. Images should be saved in one directory. Images for digit "0" should be saved as "0_1.bmp", "0_2.bmp",..."0_5.bmp". Images for digit "1" should be saved as "1_1.bmp", "1_2.bmp",..."1_5.bmp". Name convention for other digits is the same. A sample of how your digits should be sized and positioned are in file "digitSamples.png". Hand in zipped directory through OWL by January 22.