Towards the Development of a Proactive QoS-fiendly Routing Frmaework: Network Survivability Perspective

In partnership with Juniper Networks, MITACS

Team Members

Dr. Anwar Haque
Dr. Anwar Haque PI
Sajal Saha
Sajal Saha PhD Student


Protecting the next-gen communication networks from failure and cyber attacks are of utmost priority to the network service providers. In this regard, predicting network failure and network intrusion is vital towards developing an intelligent preventive mechanism against such network failure and attacks. This research project will develop algorithms that can predict network failures and attacks (in an end-to-end packet-optical network) using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. Besides, our model will dynamically reserve network resources to protect the network traffic subject to such potential failure or attack. These proposed predictive and resource-friendly dynamic allocation schemes will help the carriers protect their network traffic from physical failure and cyber attacks.