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Community Services
  • Designed and implemented a Computer Local Area Network consisting of a server and 30 clients for the London Islamic School, London, Ontario, Winter 2010

  • Served as a judge in the science fair of the LIS primary school, Winter 2005 -- Winter 2007

  • Appointed by the London Muslim Mosque to serve as a member at the London Islamic School board, London, Ontario, January 2003 -- June 2010

  • Editor in chief for the London Muslim Mosque's weekly newsletter, London, Ontario, May 2001 -- July 2003

  • Elected by the community to serve as a director at London Muslim Mosque board of directors, London, Ontario, February 2001 -- January 2002

  • Appointed by the London Muslim Mosque to serve as member-at-large at London Islamic School board of directors, London, Ontario, May 2000 -- April 2001

  • Managed, organized, and planned many training programs to develop various computer skills of provincial government officials, as well as several local organizations, Alexandria, Egypt, 1987-1992

  • Served as a computer consultant for Bibliotheca Alexandrina (the Alexandria Library project under supervision of the UNESCO), Alexandria, Egypt, 1991-1992