CS 652 - Algorithms and Software for
Symbolic Solvers for Polynomial Systems

University of Western Ontario
Computer Science Department

Date: September 7, 2009

Systems of equations have been studied for centuries. However, the development of symbolic (or exact) methods for solving them is quite recent. No efficient software existed 10 years ago. Many theoretical and practical questions are still open and many problems in mathematical and engineering sciences are solved today by symbolic solvers. Digital signal processing, theoretical physics, cryptography, auto-correcting codes are some of the areas where exact solutions of systems of equations are used. In this course we will describe the key ideas of some of the most popular algorithms for solving systems of equations symbolically (Grobner bases, triangular decompositions). These algorithms are quite elegant but their implementation leads to several difficult challenges. We will explain how emerging techniques (modular algorithms, distributed computations) address these difficulties. Finally, a detailed application will be presented.

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Quiz 1 Thursday 12 of February
Quiz 2 Thursday 11 of March
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Quiz 4 Thursday 8 of April
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