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RL_CANData Class Reference

CANBus data class. More...

#include <RL_CANData.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

CANStructgetCANStruct (int index=0)
int getCurrrentSpeed ()
int getBrakePedalPosition ()
int getSteeringWheelPosition ()

Detailed Description

CANBus data class.

Member Function Documentation

int RL_CANData::getBrakePedalPosition (  )

getBrakePedalPosition function: Returns a value between 0-255 to indicate the position of the brake pedal according to the messages on the CAN

int - brakePosition
CANStruct * RL_CANData::getCANStruct ( int  index = 0 )

getCANStruct: Returns the current CANStruct with a given index.

intindex - index is between 0 .. 52. CAN_CODE can be used to find the specific code
CANStruct* - returns 0 if index is not valid
int RL_CANData::getCurrrentSpeed (  )

getCurrentSpeed: Returns the current speed of the test vehicle as reported on the CAN

int average wheel speed
int RL_CANData::getSteeringWheelPosition (  )

getSteeringWheelPosition function : Returns a value between 0-100 to indicate steering wheel position negative for turning left and positive for turning right @ returns int - steeringPosition

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