Algorithmic Geometrical PDE Workshop:

University of Western Ontario
Ontario Research Center for Computer Algebra

Date: Sunday 5th October 2003

The workshop will be held at Middlesex College Room 320 at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) on Sunday the 5th of October.

The workshop is open to anyone with interest in the algorithmic and geometrical aspects of partial differential equations.

For more information, please contact Greg Reid or Marc Moreno Maza.

10:30 AM Talk 1 by Michel Petitot (Université de Lille 1) Differential Geometry, Word Combinatorics
and Polylogarithm Functions abstract
11:30 AM Break
1:00 PM Talk 2 by Sylvain Neut (Université de Lille 1) Implantation and New Applications of the
Cartan's Equivalence Method abstract
2:00 PM Demo 1 by Sylvain Neut Maple packages for Cartan's Equivalence Method
2:30 PM Break
3:00 PM Talk 3 by Ian Anderson (Utah State University) An Introduction to the Variational Bicomplex abstract
4:00 PM Demo 2 by Ian Anderson An Overview of Vessiot. The Vessiot page
4:30 PM Break
5:00 PM Discussion
7:00 PM Closing remarks