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RL_StereoParams Class Reference

Stereo Parameters. More...

#include <RL_StereoParams.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RL_StereoParams ()
 Constructor: Initializes the Stereo parameter object.
bool ReadFromFile (unsigned id1, unsigned id2, const char *path)
void WriteToFile (unsigned id1, unsigned id2, const char *path)

Public Attributes

RL_IntrinsicParams leftCam
RL_IntrinsicParams rightCam
CvMat matR
CvMat matT
double R [3][3]
double T [3]
int filterSize
int filterCap
int windowSize
int disparity
int thresh
int unique
int speckleWindowSize
int speckleRange
int dpp
bool intrinsicLoaded

Detailed Description

Stereo Parameters.

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