How to Get Added to the Grad List

All Computer Science graduate students are listed on the Graduate Students page.  To link your name to your personal web space, follow the steps below:

  1. SSH to the Research Network.  From off campus, you'll want to SSH to  On Windows, you can use a program like PuTTY to connect via SSH.  On macOS and Linux, you can open a terminal and use the built-in ssh command:
  2. Create a directory in your home directory called public_html and ensure it is world-readable and executable:
    mkdir $HOME/public_html
    chmod 755 $HOME/public_html
  3. Create a file in your $HOME/public_html directory called index.html (use your favourite editor or upload a file using a program like WinSCP, FileZilla, or the built-in scp command on macOS and Linux. Make sure it is world readable:
    chmod 644 $HOME/public_html/index.html
  4. Create a symbolic link to your $HOME/public_html directory called www:
    ln -s public_html www
  5. A job will run overnight that will mount your web space and link your name on the Graduate Students page to your web space. In the morning, your web space will be accessible at, where USERNAME is your Western username.