Several printers are located throughout the Department for use by Computer Science faculty, staff, and students.

Available Printers

Please see the Science Technology Services wiki for information on the available printers, along with setup guides for each printer.

Printing Costs

Printing is not free.   As of September 2017, we have switched to the campus PaperCut system for print accounting.  Users must have a positive PaperCut account balance to print in the Department of Computer Science.

Per-page costs for a given printer can be found by clicking on the printer in the printer list.

Undergraduate Students

As few courses still require paper assignment submissions, the Department of Computer Science will no longer be providing print quota each semester to undergraduate students.

Students who were active Computer Science students in the 2016-2017 academic year will have up to $5.00 transferred from their balance in the old quota system to PaperCut.

Graduate Students

Graduate students PaperCut accounts are topped up to $12.50 in PaperCut credit each year.

Checking Your Account Balance

You can check your PaperCut account balance by logging in to with your Western credentials.

Topping Up Your Account

Undergraduate students requiring additional print credit can add funds to their PaperCut account online via credit card, or by purchasing a pre-paid PaperCut card through Western Libraries.  Please see the Western Libraries PaperCut documentation for more details.

Graduate students requiring additional credits should speak with their supervisors.

Where Can My PaperCut Credit Be Used?

Any credit in your PaperCut account can be used to print to printers in the Department of Computer Science, Western Libraries, and all other printers on campus connected to the PaperCut system.

How to Print

Instructions on setting up a printer can be found by clicking on the printer in the printer list.