New Computer Science Website

December 16, 2019

Welcome to the new Computer Science website!

It features a clean and modern design, with a redesigned main page.   The website should work and look good on both desktop computers as well as mobile devices.   

It features a new larger slideshow image, an event calendar, and a redesigned news+announcements section.

Desktop Layout

Screen shot of the main webpage

Mobile Device layout

Screenshot of the main web page on a mobile device

Top Menu Changes

One major change, found on the main menu on all Computer Science Department web pages, is that student resources are now divided between "Undergraduate" and "Graduate" students.   This matches the website layout of ALL other departments in the Faculty of Science at Western.

Previously, the website was organized by "Current" and "Future" students. 

Look under the Undergraduate or Graduate menu for the appropriate webiste resources for those student groups. 

Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
Future Student Resources Future Graduate Student Resources
Current Student Resources Current Graduate Student Resources



screen shot of event calendar

Events Calendar

On the right of the main page (or at the bottom on a mobile device) is found the department of Computer Science Event calendar. Upcoming events are listed here. You can click on the link for each event which will take you to the event page.

You can also click on the calendar icon (indicated by the red arrow) which will take you to the overall Department of Computer Science section of the Western Event Calendar. There you can browse all past or future events.



News + Announcements

Below the main image is found the News + Announcements section. Each article has a brief summary, which is listed here, and a link to a more detailed article. The most recent announcements are linked here. Follow the link at the bottom to go to the full news and announcements archive.



Old Website

The old website will be kept online at for a time.  Note that it is no longer being updated and it will be removed once we are satisfied that nothing has been missed in the conversion to the new site.