Reading Courses

Reading courses offered in the department of Computer Science

M. Bauer – CS9804 – Readings in Distributed Systems Management

M. Daley – CS9817 – Readings in CS & Biology

M. Domaratzki – CS9830 – Topics in Computational Biology

M. El-Sakka – CS9810 – Readings in Image Security

Z. Fadlullah – CS9839 – Readings in Networks & the Internet

A. Haque – CS9802 – Readings in Networks & Distributed Systems

L. Ilie – CS9823 – Readings in Theoretical CS & Applications

M. Katchabaw – CS9801 – Readings in Game Development

C. Ling – CS9800 – Readings in Data Mining

D. Lizotte – CS9811 – Readings in Data Science

H. Lutfiyya – CS9805 – Readings in Distributed Applications Management

N. Madhavji – CS9825 – Readings in Software Engineering

M. Milani – CS9838 – Readings in Data Management

Y. Mohsenzadeh – CS9813 – Readings in Advances in Computer Vision

M. Moreno Maza – CS9827 – Readings in Computer Algebra

K. Sedig – CS9819 – Readings in Human Computer Interaction

R. Solis-Oba – CS9821 – Readings in Algorithms

K. Zhang – CS9814 – Readings in Algorithmic Aspects of CS




Please note: Coursework students must have permission from the faculty member before enrolling in a reading course.