Reading Courses

Reading courses offered in the department of Computer Science
CS 9801 readings in Data Mining Charles Ling
CS 9804 readings in Dist. Systems Mgmnt Mike Bauer
CS 9805 readings in Dist. Appl. Mgmnt Hanan Lutfiyya
CS 9807 readings in Arificial Intelligence Bob Mercer
CS 9810 readings in Image Processing Mahmoud El-Sakka
CS 9812 readings in Machine Learning
Boyu Wang
CS 9813 readings in Advances in Computer Vision Yalda Mohsenzadeh
CS 9814 readings in Algorithmic Aspects of CS Kaizhong Zhang
CS 9817 readings in C.S. & Biology Mark Daley
CS 9819 rdngs in Human/Computer Interaction Kamran Sedig
CS 9821 readings in Algorithms Roberto Solis Oba
CS 9823 readings in BioInformatics Lucian Ilie
CS 9824 readings in Computer Vision Steven Beauchemin
CS 9825 readings in Software Engineering Nazim Madhavji
CS 9827 readings in Computer Algebra Marc Moreno Maza

Please note: Coursework students must have permission from the faculty member before enrolling in a reading course.