Frequently Asked Questions

I have received a special permission to enroll in a class but I cannot enroll online:

  • Please call the Office of the Registrar at (519) 661-2100 so that they can help you enroll in the course. As long as they see the permission on your file, they will be able to manually add you in (providing the course is not full).

Do I have everything I need to graduate?

  • This is something that can be found within the Computer Science Modules. You can fill out your Degree Planning Checklist Form and send it to our office to review and sign that you have everything you need to graduate. Please include your module (specialization, Major, Minor, etc), and any comments you find necessary on the form.  
  • Form found here:

Can I be added into a full class or tutorial?

  • Unfortunately, due to building sizes and student capacities, we are not able to add you into a full class or tutorial. However, you can continue to monitor through the add/drop period to see if a spot opens up.

Admissions Requirements:

  • For admission requirements out of high school, please contact the admissions department.

Taking a course at another university (Letter of Permission):

We are happy to approve Letters of Permission for students to take courses abroad. However, we no longer grant Letters of Permission for courses that are not officially administered by an accredited University and taught by a faculty member with an advanced degree in Computer Science. This means that in order to receive a Letter of Permission, your course must be part of the official timetable at that University and the instructor must have either a Master’s or PhD (or equivalent level degree) in Computer Science or a related discipline. In order to have a Letter of Permission approved for the course you wish to take, you MUST provide us with the following documentation at

  1. A link to the University’s course listing in the course calendar showing a brief course description, and any prerequisites that apply.
  2. A link to the course listing in the University’s timetable showing that the course is being offered during the session in which you plan to take it.
  3. The course instructor's official listing (eg., the faculty listing from the instructor’s home university).
  4. The number of contact hours (hours of official instruction - lecture hours; length and frequency of tutorials or labs, etc.) associated with the course.
  5. A link to the current course syllabus (if the current syllabus is not available, you may submit a link to the previous year’s syllabus but please make every effort to provide us with accurate and up-to-date information).

Please do not pay tuition or arrange travel and/or accommodation for a course until you receive official notice that your Letter of Permission has been approved by Western University. We cannot guarantee approval in advance, even if that course has been approved in previous years.

Please note that we can only approve Computer Science courses and this can take up to three weeks to review and approve.

For IT questions:

Special Permissions if you do not have the pre-requisite:

  • Engineers:
    • 1036 is equivalent to C.S. 1026 and you can be granted permission to use this course as the prerequisite for C.S. 1027. However, you must first have permission (and show us) from the Faculty Academic Counsellors to switch into the program prior to being granted special permission.
  • For other requests, please email

Switching Programs:

  • Computer Science is a DEPARTMENT within the FACULTY of Science. If you want to switch programs you must seek permission from the Academic Counsellors for your current Faculty (ex. Social Science, Engineering, Humanities, etc.) and the Faculty of Science Academic Counsellors.

I want to register into Computer Science but do not have the pre-requisites (Intent to Register):

The courses I need do not work with my schedule

  • You can request an overlap approval from both professors teaching the courses and then send it to academic counselling. Please note that they cannot approve overlaps that are over an hour.
  • You could also look at doing the course on a Letter of Permission.

What are the Admissions Requirements to progress into the Computer Science Modules?

Completion of first-year requirements, including the following courses: 0.5 course from: Computer Science 1025A/B, Computer Science 1026A/B or Engineering Science 1036A/B (in each case with a mark of at least 65%); 0.5 course from: Computer Science 1027A/B or Computer Science 1037A/B (in either case with a mark of at least 65%);


1.0 course from: Applied Mathematics 1201A/B, Applied Mathematics 1413, Calculus 1000A/B, Calculus 1301A/B, Calculus 1500A/B, Calculus 1501A/B, Mathematics 1600A/B (in each case with a mark of at least 60%).

There are no exceptions, you must get 65% in the listed Computer Science courses and 60% in the listed Math courses to progress. Special permissions will not be granted to progress if you receive a lower mark, and you must re-take the course.