Module Progression Worksheets

Science Academic Counselling has created Graduation Requirements Checklists to help you better navigate your academic years! These are self-service tools that you can bring to a counselling appointment to further discuss courses and questions. Note, however, that they do not replace the official online calendar.

Modules for Computer Science Degrees

  • Honors Specialization in Computer Science

    This is the program that will give you the most concentrated background and deep knowledge of almost all areas of computer science. In order to receive the Honors designation, you must maintain a 70% average and you must get at least a 60% in every required course.

  • Honors Specialization in Information Systems

    This program provides a solid foundation in computing and information systems with a focus towards applications of computing in modern enterprises and organizations. This program was developed in consultation with the Ivey Business School, and is a perfect fit for the combined HBA program, discussed under Interdisciplinary Programs.

  • Honors Specialization in Bioinformatics

    This is an interdisciplinary program focussed on the study of methods for storing, retrieving, organizing, and analyzing biological data. Doing so entails the development of new software tools and techniques for generating and making sense of new useful biological knowledge. This is an elite, intense, and extremely rewarding program at Western.

  • Specialization in Computer Science

    This program will give a strong background in almost all areas of computer science. You could learn about graphics, networks, security, databases, the internet, computer law. This module offers a wealth of possiblities!

  • Major in Computer Science

    This program provides a solid background in computer science, covering the foundational elements of the discipline. While perhaps best used as part of a Double Major (see Add-On Modules for Other Degrees), this module can be used as a basis for a degree in Computer Science as well.

  • Minor in Game Development (more)

    Love playing games, then why not get in the driver's seat and write the games? This module will teach you not only about choices to make when designing a game, but also things to consider when dealing with the hardware that the game will run on. Western is one of the first two universities in Canada to offer a program devoted to game development.

  • Minor in Software Engineering (more)

    The minor is available to students in either the Honours Specialization or Specialization program. This option offers a set of courses related to software engineering that will provide students with an in-depth knowledge needed to design and manage large software projects.

Add-On Modules for Other Degrees

  • Major in Computer Science

    Consider this program if you are planning another degree and you also want a thorough background in computer science principles.

  • Minor in Computer Science

    Consider this program if you are planning another degree and you want a solid background in computer science principles.

Interdisciplinary Programs

  • Honors Specialization in Data Sciences

    Data science refers to the development and application of methodologies for inspecting, cleaning, managing, transform, visualizing, and modeling data with a view to discovering useful information, reaching conclusions and supporting decision making. Data Science is inherently interdisciplinary, with the two dominant disciplines being Computer Science and Statistical Science. There is a diversity of applications including Internet search, digital advertisements, recommender systems like those found on Amazon, image and speech recognition, fraud detection, health care, power grids, improving urban living and so much more.

    This is a joint program with the Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences. For more details please see these documents: Module Summary, and Course Flowchart

  • BSc in Computer Science and HBA from Ivey Business School (more)

    Get one of the most marketable degrees possible, an HBA from Ivey and an amazing background in Computer Science from Western. With this degree, you will have your pick of the top employment opportunties available!

  • BSc in Computer Science and BESc from Western Faculty of Engineering

    In todays electronic age, EVERY type of engineer could benefit by having a strong foundation in computer science. Why not let us help you obtain those benefits by doing both your Engineering degree and Computer Science degree at the same time!

    Students in professional programs such as Engineering who are interested in pursuing concurrent degrees with a major in Computer Science should consult with the Office of the Dean in the Faculty of Science to determine the feasibility of their plans. Because of extensive overlap in the two fields, students in the BESc program in Software Engineering will not be allowed to take concurrent degrees in Computer Science.

  • Honors Specialization in Medical Health Informatics

    This interdisciplinary program is offered under the BMSc program at Western, providing a study of the interesting and important intersection of computer science, information science, and health care. The pathways provided by the BMSc program, coupled with the demand for medical health informaticians in a number of health care industries makes this a very exciting and rewarding program of study at Western.

  • Minor in Digital Humanities (more)

    This interdisciplinary program is a virtual necessity to people studying arts and humanities today. The ability to work with data and information technology is of vital importance to the modern humanist, and this program provides the required background and foundations for doing so.