Rules of Ethical Conduct

The computing resources of the Department of Computer Science have been acquired for a specific academic purposes - namely the teaching of, and research into the field of Computer Science. As a user authorized by the Department, you may use departmental resources, especially computing, only for the purposes for which they were allocated.

Specifically, the following are considered to be scholastic offences:

  • To give, sell or otherwise provide computing resources to an individual or individuals who do not have explicit permission to use these resources from the authority which allocated them. This includes permitting anyone to use your account.

  • Unauthorized inspection, alteration, deletion, publication, copying or tampering with files.

  • To engage in any action which denies or unreasonably restricts the use of computer facilities to their authorized users. This includes using the facilities for work not directly related to Computer Science course assignments.

  • To physically misuse or maltreat any computing facilities.

  • To remove any piece of computing equipment or parts thereof from its designated room, without the written authorization of both the chairman of the Resource Planning Committee and the Director of Computing Services.

  • To divulge the access code to any room with a combination lock or otherwise permit any individual to enter such room or rooms.

In addition to the penalties outlined in the Academic Calendar, any student found to have violated these rules may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In addition to penalties prescribed by the Courts, conviction may result in the student being permanently refused entry to The University of Western Ontario or any other Canadian university.

These regulations are meant primarily as guidelines to academically acceptable behavior, but also to make it clear that the copying of software and the misuse of software and hardware may be criminal offences.