Minor in Game Development

Video games are taking over our lives, from teaching small kids to read, to helping young surgeons learn how to operate, to entertaining teenagers while they explore imaginary worlds. Each one of the scenarios mentioned requires a specialize skill set from the programmers who help the graphic artist, writer and designers create video games.

Let Western's Minor in Computer Gaming help you acquire the skills you will need to write any type of game. We will supply you will several different programming environments to help you produce games, we will teach you how to come up with exciting characters and challenges for your games, we will explain how the hardware and software play an integral role in any game. Learn all this and more at Western,one of the first two universities in Canada to offer a specialized program dedicated to gaming!


There are more opportunities for gaming programmers than university graduates to fill those positions!

Students graduating with our gaming minor have gone on to:

  • Start their own companies
  • Work on games at some of the best known gaming companies in the world such as Big Blue Bubble
  • Create their own games, the seed of the idea which came from our courses -Win awards for their games

The possibilities are endless.



I love my job

Jules Cotes, Western Alumni, 2010

I was able to learn what I needed on the job because of the skills I had acquired through my courses. I knew how to conduct myself properly before ever setting foot in Big Blue Bubble and I made a lot of friends. My worries about not knowing everything I needed to were unfounded because no one expects you to know everything. I realized that they only expect you to learn.