CS2209A: Applied Logic for Computer Science, Fall 2017

Welcome to CS2209A, 2017!

  • Sept. 27th: Fixed a typo on Slide 7 in lec8-NF.pdf. Thanks again!
  • Sept. 27th: Quiz 1, in class, 8:30pm-9:00pm.
  • Sept. 27th: Fixed a typo on Slide 12 in lec7-resolution.pdf. Thanks to the student!
  • Sept. 22nd: Recommended reading for the lectures on Sept. 20th was posted.
  • Sept. 22nd: Assignment 1 was posted at OWL.
  • Sept. 15th: The problem set for Exercise 1 has been added to OWL Location: site "COMPSCI 2209A 001 FW17" > Resources > Exercise Set > exe-1.pdf
  • Sept. 15th: Recommended reading for the lectures on Sept. 13th in Week 1 was posted under the Lecture Materials tab.
  • Sept. 14th: A feedback forum has been up at OWL. It is anonymous.
    • Are we reasoning logically?
      "If a course is required for my program, I must take it. CS2209 is a required course. Therefore, I am taking CS2209 this term."
      "If a course teaches useful knowledge, I want to take it. CS2209 teaches useful knowledge. Therefore, I want to take CS2209."

    • "CS2209 will teach very userful knowledge."
      True. Propositional and predicate logic, deductive and inductive reasoning, applications to Boolean circuit, database query, program verification, automated reasoning in artificial intelligence, ...
    • "I will have a pleasant learning experience here."
      True. Please attend classes, follow the work plan and have fun!
    • "I need to work hard in order to succeed in this course."
      True. Work hard and think smart!

Lecture slides, recommended readings and supplementary materials

Logic with Fun

  • Knights and Knaves:
    Some remote island is populated by two kinds of people: knights, who always tell the truth, and knaves, who always lie.
    Suppose you met two islanders, call them A and B, and you hear A saying "at least one of us is a knave".
    Can you tell which of A and B is a knight and which is a knave?

  • "If pigs can fly, then 2 + 2 = 4."
    True or False?

    "If pigs can fly, then 2 + 2 = 5."
    True or False?

  • Bertrand Russell and the Pope:
    "If 2 + 2 = 5, then I am the Pope."
    True or False?

  • Logic and Proof FUNdamentals


  • An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

  • Raymond Smullyan's puzzles

Homework and Schedule

Note: Exercises and assignments will be posted via OWL.

Tentative Assignment, Quiz and Test Schedule

Assignment 1Fri. Sept. 22Thur. Oct. 5, midnight5%
Quiz 1Wed. Sept. 27 8:30-9:00pm3%
Assignment 2Thur. Oct. 5Thur. Oct. 19, midnight7%
Quiz 2Wed. Oct.188:30-9:00pm3%
Midterm ExamWed. Oct. 25 7:00pm-8:50pm 20%
Quiz 3Wed. Nov. 88:30-9:00pm3%
Assignment 3Fri. Nov. 10Fri. Nov. 24, midnight9%
Quiz 4Wed. Nov. 228:30-9:00pm3%
Assignment 4Fri. Nov. 24Fri. Dec. 8, midnight9%
Quiz 5Wed. Dec. 6 8:30-9:00pm3%
Final ExamTBA 35%

Teaching Crew and Hours

  • Instructor
    Yu Zhen Xie, PhD
    email: yxie4@uwo.ca

    Lecture hours: 3:30-4:30pm, 7:00-9:00pm on Wednesdays
    Lecture room: NS 1

    Office: Middlesex College, Room 327
    Office hours: 4:30-6:30pm on Tuesdays

  • Teaching Assistants
    NameOffice/Tutorial HoursRoom
    Andrew Bloch-HansenMonday 12:30-2:30pmMC 4A
    Mehdi SamadiehMonday 2:30-4:30pmMC 4A
    Linxiao WangThursday 1:30-3:30pmMC 4A
    Gurjit RandhawaWednesday 9:00-10:00pmNS 1
    Gurjit RandhawaTuesday 3:30-4:30pmUCC 146
    Zihao WangWednesday 9:00-10:00pmNS 1
    Zihao WangTuesday 3:30-4:30pmUCC 146


A course forum and feedback polls will be available at OWL.

Course Outline: [pdf]